Royal Mail introduced a new free service

Royal Mail
Royal Mail

UK Royal Mail introduced a new free service the journey to find items that we know. Through this service, customers can buy stamps online.

To pay for postage online, customers can use a credit card. Then mail or posted customer shipment in the mail to be recorded for a barcode. But unfortunately, for a special delivery and international customers must bring the goods item to the post office first.

Once recorded, and a barcode, Royal Mail and customers can track each item through the system to know the items movement.

"We have launched this service to respond to the demands of the public who wish to purchase and print their postage online directly to their envelope," said Royal Mail marketing director Alex Batchelor.

Through this new service, Royal Mail would like to reduce queues at post offices and home workers as well as petrified people who conduct transactions in buying and selling sites such as eBay.

Meanwhile, the Royal mail have lost its income this year, a week Royal Mail lost USD 3.8 million. With this new service the company hopes to return the total revenue lost.

Video game equipment for disabled people

video game equipment
video game equipment

Engineers created a device that uses video game equipment is mass produced. The tool allows disabled people to control computers, with only through eye movements.

As quoted from Dawn on Monday, priced video game equipment at under $ 30, gadget consists of two cameras video game consoles, each costing less than $ 10. According to the developer team from Imperial College London, the camera was installed outside the line of vision on a pair of regular glasses.

Based on the information written in the Journal of Neural Engineering, the working principle of such tools is quite simple. The camera eye movements convey to the computer wirelessly via Wi-Fi or USB and uses only one watt of power.

In this way, users will be able to control the cursor on the screen like a computer mouse. "We have achieved two things, we have built a 3D eye tracking system hundreds of times less expensive than commercial systems. Then use the tool to create a brain machine interface in real time," says co-author, Aldo Faisal.

According to him, this tool is an innovation that can help people. Not only for those who suffered paralysis, but also all those who want to use it.

"This is a saving innovation, develops software and hardware to create devices that help people around the world," he added.

He further said, that made this device allows patients to interact more smoothly. Besides faster than the technology that requires an electrode implanted in the brain, even the tools are much more expensive.

"We show, using video hardware that games are mass produced, it can produce binocular eye-tracker with a lower cost," he said. Subject performance, device by Imperial College London has a quality similar to commercial systems, but has 800 times the cost of a lot cheaper.

Bring technology is expected to help the recovery at several levels, such as people with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, muscular dystrophy and spinal cord injury or amputation.

HTC revtex to competitor Galaxy Nexus 7?

HTC revtex
HTC revtex

HTC reportedly is produce tablet named vertex. This intelligent device is expected to be a competitor to Google's Galaxy Nexus 7.

As quoted from TechRadar, estimates the emergence of these are triggered leaked benchmark results. The results of the leak NenaMark2 reveals a device that uses the Nvidia Tegra processor 3 and display with a resolution of 1280x752. CPU in it running at 1.3 GHz speed and adopt Android 4.0.3. This indicates the device is still in early prototype stage.

There are currently no confirmation on the tablet, especially since there are many smartphones on the market that could have a resolution and processors. However, according to TechRadar, it is possible that this product is made ​​by HTC, especially when considering they have confirmed plans in the UK issued a new tablet.
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