Apple build own restaurant in California

Apple product
Apple product

Apple intends to build his own restaurant in California. The restaurant is tailored to the employee from Cupertino so that they can speak openly without fear of revealing company secrets.

Restaurant with two floors of the structure to be built near the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, after the project was approved by the local planning commission. In addition to dining, the restaurant will have an underground garage, lounge area, courtyard and meeting rooms. Thus as quoted form Digital Spy.

Apple is known to be extremely discreet company, primarily related to new products. And the company from California try hard to prevent the entry of scouts.

Previously, the technology company already runs a restaurant in Cupertino, which is named Cafe Mac. However, the cafe is open to people who do not work at Apple.

In his new restaurant, the company is only allowing Apple staff, allowing them to freely discuss current or future projects without fear of being overheard.

In 2010, the tech site Gizmodo ensure the prototype iPhone 4 ahead of the launch, after an Apple employee left it in a bar. Then, reportedly a prototype iphone 4S is alleged to have disappeared in 2011.

Director of Facilities Real Estate Apple, Dan Whisenhunt said "We want to provide a level of security so that employees can feel comfortable talking about their business, research and project whatever they invent a kind of competition without fear of overhearing their conversation."


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