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camera phone
camera phone

History of Camera Phone. The camera function in phones are shown to alter the pattern of cell phone use, so that the phone is not solely a means of voice communication and text. With the camera function, the phone is now turned into a social device that makes the behavior of the user with a more interactive environment.

In addition to perpetuate the memory, not infrequently a camera phone that features used to capture important events. Thus, not a citizen journalism that emerged thanks to this camera phone.

But not many people know the origin of camera phones. Officially, the first camera phone recorded the prototype developed by Daniel A. Henderson, in 1993. Camera phones are now stored at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History has the ability to take still images and video.

But then the phone can not send pictures from a photo taken. So, you could say that the device is mounted on the mobile phone camera. This fact history of camera phone:

The camera phone was first developed commercially was made on June 11, 1997, by a developer named Philippe Khan.

Kahn makes the story of a camera phone was fairly unique. At that time, his pregnant wife challenging Khan to make devices that can be used to share pictures of their baby's birth.

J-Phone first camera phone

Philippe Khan was then integrate the camera with a cell phone, which is then written on the back of the software are made, which was named ShaMail or PictureMail. This allows the tool is used to share images with other phones.

Khan was then successfully developed the software, then establish Lightsurf. This is done so that his creations can be known to the public. Khan was not aware that there are two companies that are competing to develop the first commercial camera phone.

Both technology companies are from Japan, Sharp and Kyocera. At that Kyocera makes the system design for video sharing. While Sharp was able to focus more share images in real time.

Sharp is a later won the competition in getting the pairing them with a software technology developed PictureMail. The results of the collaboration was then applied in the first commercial camera phone, J-Phone or J-SHO4 in 2001 in Japan.

Camera specifications are used in J-Phone is 110 000 by 256 pixel CMOS color display. The phone weighs 74 grams, with dimensions of 127x39x17 mm.

J-SHO4 success of this Conference and the other mobile phone manufacturers to make camera phones. Thus, in 2006, there were at least 50 percent of mobile devices that have cameras.

However, not many people know that the history of camera phone is an innovation that made his heart, as a gift from a father to her new born.


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