Kinect Star Wars in Windows Phone

Kinect Star Wars
Kinect Star Wars

Recently, Microsoft has released application for companion Kinect Star Wars that has existed in Windows Phone will then glide on Google and the iPhone App Store.

Kinect Star Wars is Star Wars video game created by LucasArts and Terminal Reality, and to use the movement of profer Kinect from this Xbox 360 game is released by Microsoft Studios.

Types of applications connected using social networks like Twitter and facebook to crawl into one of the Star Wars characters. Then, you can also post on the website to find out more information about the game on Xbox 360/Kinect then copying to the device.

"We put the characters directly attributed to the user device to help launch Kinect Star Wars," said Stephen McGill, director of Xbox and Entertainment UK.

"Players will get a piece of Star Wars in their pockets. As new games for Xbox 360, users can participation in the incredible world, and it became one of the most enduring of entertainment, not like before," he said.


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