Mark Zuckerberg in Viddy video applications

Mark Zuckerberg in viddy
Mark Zuckerberg in viddy

Did you know... Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg was also interested in Viddy, video applications that have attracted the Apple App Store. Evidently, Zuckerberg joined with other users using the application which is often referred to as Instagram for videos.

As quoted from Mashable, recently Vidyy successfully stood a leading position among the crowd of social video application that includes Mobli, vYou and Tout. Evidently, the startup has just managed to earn 15 million users and according to The New York Times adds approximately 300 thousand new users every day.

Viddy is enjoying popularity in the iPhone with managed App Of The Week. In addition to sharing video, this application also has a special effect such as in Instagram, for example there are BW (Black and White), Crystal, and Vintage.

Meanwhile, unlike some competitors, Viddy also managed to attract investors from the entertainment industry such as Shakira, Jay-Z and Will Smith. Obviously the relationship with the celebrity great help to scoop up new users.

As with Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO coming in Viddy also will provide its own interest to introduce this service and attract new users. First video in the post Sunday night raised over two thousand followers.

In addition to a Facebook account and Viddy, Mark Zuckerberg also has a profile on Twitter, Google + and Pinterest. Until now @zuck, so his name in Viddy has had more than three thousand followers, Following 56 and 1 video.


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