Nokia Mistake

Nokia Phone
Nokia Phone

Nokia to end 14 years of dominance in the global handset market. Data released by IHS iSupply and Analitics Strategy (Strategy Analyst) does not bring good news because Nokia mistake. Nokia shares now have a new status, down to the level of BB+.

According to IHS iSuppli, Nokia shipped 83 million units in the first quarter of 2012, while Samsung's 92 million. Strategy Analitics have different numbers that do not change the fate of Nokia. This phone company has 82.7 million mobile phones to send and Samsung 93.5 million units.

Nokia continued to decline for several years. Where is the Nokia mistake? This is the cause, as quoted from page

Nokia Mistake:

Nokia is too slow
Nokia is a pioneer in introducing the smartphone market with the launch of the Symbian Series in 2002. But, during the five-year OS is having problems reaching the top position in the market.

When the 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone. However, Nokia is too late to respond to the iPhone until a few years. Aging than the Symbian platform appears freshness IOS and Android. Exploding smartphone market by increasing consumer demand rather than relying on phone WAP browser.

"Nokia should respond Apple more quickly. They do not jump to Windows Phone until 2011. Now they are suffering because of this delay," said senior analyst at IHS.

Nokia old

Fortunately Android, Windows Phone stump
Samsung has ramped up to speed with Android. Now they are testing the "food" new Nokia, Windows Phone. Nokia still have to wait for Windows Phone provides a significant advantage.

"Samsung chose Android at the right time. Since Samsung has become a dominant player in the realm of Android, they can climb another platform on the rise," explained analyst at Strategy Analytics, Alex Spektor.

Above and below the injured
Nokia is slow to embrace the smartphone market. Company commanded by Stephen Elop is no competition on the market anticipates lower middle class. China and Taiwan vendors such as HTC, Huawei, and ZTE hit from below the target of developing countries.

Serial organization
Apple has set the release under the umbrella brand of cellphone iPhone. Samsung adopted this style with the flagship Galaxy series, Samsung Galaxy S. Consumers are waiting for the latest product of this series.

Execution Nokia struggled in recent years. In 2011, Nokia had just returned to the Windows Phone. Analysts believe Nokia will be successful with Microsoft.
Lam believes if Nokia could cut expenses and focus on managing the company, then in the short term they can survive.

The older generation
Nokia brings nostalgia classic Snake game in the series. Unfortunately, consumers in developing countries has been to associate Nokia with old technology. Today, the world wants the latest and most sophisticated devices.

"Nokia is an old brand. Samsung viewed as an innovator. Nokia has a legacy of the traditional game Brick and candybar phones," Lam from IHS.

That is Nokia mistake so make Nokia product not dominance again and make Nokia share down.


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