Preview version of Windows 8 will available

Microsoft Windows 8 version
Windows 8 version
Recently, Microsoft announced that a second preview version of Windows 8 will be available in June. The final version of Windows 8 will be released soon in this year.

Microsoft prepared
Windows 8 for so radical a change for the company. One way is to capture the tablet market, at a time when the traditional computer market weakened.

President of Windows, Steven Sinofsky said the release of a preview version of Windows 8 be a sign that Microsoft will soon release a final version of Windows 8. Although it does not mention the certainty of the time, but a number of predictions called Windows 8 will be released officially in October.

Sinofsky own show preview versions of both operating systems in the presence of the delegates who attended the Windows Developer Days in Japan.

Previously, as quoted from the BBC, Sinofsky said Windows 8 will be the operating system is experiencing the most significant redesign, after Windows 95.

There will be some changes. One is the loss of the "Start", which usually appears at the bottom left corner. Instead, Microsoft is preparing menus based on a sliding panel.

Windows 8 will also present the user interface (user interface) has called "Metro". A number of motion-based control of the touch will adorn "Metro", the menu design of the desktop.

In addition to
capable of running on traditional processors Intel and AMD, the operating system will also be used in devices and tablet that uses a small powerful ARM processor.
Last week Microsoft announced it will launch a simplified version. Thus there will be three new versions of Windows, namely Windows 8, Windows Pro, and the issue of the ARM.
Windows 8 version
windows 8
Microsoft first demonstrated of Windows 8 to the developers last year, in a version of "developer preview". At that time, Windows 8 is said to have more than 100,000 changes. After that, the preview version of Windows 8 launched and can be tried publicly in February.


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