Webbygram is Instagram web version


Laptop users and desktop computers may be happiness. Because there are ways to enjoy the beautiful photos Instagram from desk with Webbygram.

Brenden Mulligan application developers have been looking for a way to view Instagram profiles to web display. Mulligan released PhotoPile service in December, but the domain has now been sold.

Mulligan creation does not stop there. Now he makes an application called Webbygram the web version of Instagram by using the API. View detail photo of the envelope filter Instagram can be seen more clearly.

Step Facebook to buy a mobile application Instagram get support web version of Webbygram. There might be able to sync facebook with Webbygram.

Mulligan assess should Instagram not only for mobile users only. Instagram decisions should give priority to mobile applications indicate they will release a web version. Unfortunately, Instagram stick with choice of mobile applications. Mobile applications worth U.S. $ 1 billion this only provides some very basic web interface of each photo.

Instagram mobile application

"People will say Instagram does not require a web presence. I disagree. When I click the link Instagram on Twitter, I want to have a similar experience with the use of what I felt on the application," Mulligan said, as quoted from page Thenextweb.com.

With Webbygram, Mulligan hopes to pick a favorite photo, comments, or find photos posted by other users. Interaction with Instagram community is the target of Mulligan.

Similar application Instagram, Path judged Mulligan has successfully put mobile applications accompanied by an attractive web interface.

"They do not move the entire application to the web. They just took the important interaction," says Mulligan.

Webbygram realize all Brenden Mulligan desires. The missing part the web version of the photo upload capabilities. This deficiency because Instagram is never open API to the public. Applications that can upload photos to Instagram only Hipstamatic the established cooperation with Instagram.

When accessing Webbygram, you need to login to your Instagram account in order to interact as in mobile applications. You can share photos to Facebook and Twitter. In fact, there are additional buttons, pin it to connect to social networks that provide facilities pinboard, Pinterest.

In the bottom photo, Webbygram provide a column for comments. You can also view photos and the title of the provide "like". Instagram exciting experience can now be enjoyed on Laptop and Desktop Computer.


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