3D smartphones on the market

3D smartphones
3D smartphone

Phonetechno predict if 3D smartphones become the next generation mobile devices. Bids enjoy 3D without glasses gives temptation to the market. Three-dimensional features of this functionality will be offered on many phones.

3D technology has moved into in everyday life. 3D TV, 3D games, 3D computer screen to a 3D movie can be enjoyed. However, the technology was still include special glasses to be enjoyed.

Since 2011, the 3D cell phone was offered to the public. In 2012, this type of phone is expected to increasingly widespread and reap the positive response. Here's a list of the best 3D smartphone on the market as quoted from Squidoo.com:

LG Optimus 3D
This phone is a smartphone pioneer that introduced a 3D technology to the public. 3D camera to be superior 3D Optimus. The beauty of this feature is coupled with the clarity of the 3D display measuring 4.3 inches. Shortcomings of this phone on a low battery.

Sharp Aquos SH-12C
Until now, mobile Sharp Aquos SH-12C widely praised worth buying. Smartphone supports all types of 3D content and dual 8 MP camera which is located adjacent to each other. This camera can capture images and 3D video. This smartphone is smaller and lighter than its competitors. Despite the smartphone is only available in Japan, hopefully smartphone with 4.2-inch screen will be circulated widely.

HTC Evo 3D
3D display without glasses to excellence HTC EVO 3D. This smartphone has a good performance and respond quickly. 4.3 inch large screen adds to the enjoyment of watching 3D content. Unfortunately, the phone is heavy.

Did you have one of 3D smartphones on the market? If yes, what type of your 3D smartphone? share with the specifications please ... ;)


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