Adobe Flash Player security patch update

Adobe Flash Player security patch
Flash Player

Adobe has just released a security patch or update to the latest security patches. According to Adobe, all users are advised to immediately apply this patch.

As quoted from DeviceMag, Adobe Flash Player security patch is for version It also includes earlier versions of the software on Linux, Windows and Macintosh. Then also Adobe Flash Player security patch version for the Android 4.0, and version and a longer time to Android 3 and 2.

The reason is the emergence of the latest update is the problem of Object Confusion Veulnerability. This reduces the integrity of software and making it more vulnerable to hackers or infected with malicious programs.

Previous versions of Flash Player have deficiency and found by the hackers who use the software for his evil activities.

The intensity of the problem is increasing, as Internet Explorer. What happens is, if the user receives a letter from a fake address and he opened it, the PC will be affected. Despite reports that will be only affected Windows, it's good Mac and Linux users to update the security patch.


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