Apple change label iPad 4G

Apple iPad 4G
iPad 4G

Following up on complaints from several countries about the label iPad 4G, Apple change marketing iPad + 4G. Now they took the 4G word so that it becomes iPad Wifi + Celluler.

This step had to be done following complaints from the Australian competition regulator. Apple previously marketed tablet with the name "4G" in the kangaroo country. But this time the tablet can not connect to the 4G network in Australia or in 4G network other countries outside North America.

Australian regulators to assess Apple misled Australia customers about the data that allows speeds of up to 4G.

While many sites iPad marketing online, at least in the United States, still give the title when the device is a 4G LTE display in the store. Now, prospective buyers are only given the option to purchase the version of "Wi-Fi," or model "Wi-Fi + Cellular".

The term "4G" refers to the speed of data that can be achieved by a device. That is, the device can be connected to a network of the 4th generation of data faster than its predecessor, the 3G.

In the United States, many device manufacturers using the label "4G" at the speed of the data were not capable of 4G as fast as some of their competition.

One example of the Apple iPhone 4S on AT & T, which now has a 4G designation. Although according to the International Telecommunication Union, in particular the iPhone network runs on HSDPA, not the fourth generation networks. HSDPA is a 3.5G network generation.

New iPad is currently only able to connect up to five 4G network. All located in the United States or Canada.
Apple changed the name of iPad 4G in several countries, namely Britain, Australia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Canada.


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