Application development with Windows 8

application development
application development

Application developers Indonesia has adequate competence and potential to compete in regional and global applications market. A number of application developers work has penetrated the global market through the online application stores in a variety of platforms.

"Competence they're good, we are compelled to live more marketable and meet the global market," said Farid Zulkarnain, Executive Vice President of Business Development Navcore Nextology, partner of Microsoft Indonesia on the sidelines of the Developer Conference 2012: Windows 8, as quoted from vivanews.

According to Farid, this conference is a great and rare opportunity for application developers. For information, the conference was also attended by a number of Microsoft executives.

Microsoft officials were present, among others, Corporate Walid Abu-Habda (Vice President of Developer and Platform Group), Said Zahedani (General Manager, Developer and Platform Group), Herman Widjaja (Senior Software Test Lead), and Andreas Diantoro (President Director of Microsoft Indonesia) as the keynote speaker.

"They want to see the potential developer directly while providing a boost," said Farid.
In view of Farid, applications and games market is growing significantly. This is in line with the growth of Internet and smartphone users in Indonesia.

application developers
application developers

For example, according to data released by the end of 2011, the number of mobile game downloaders reach about 8 million downloads.

Indonesia is also listed as the nation's third-largest game downloaders in the world with an average of 500 thousand downloads per day. Likewise with Internet users who registered 55 million users by the end of 2011, based on ICT Watch.

"We're pretty sure the application market is growing this year," said Farid. Moreover broadband users in Indonesia is estimated to have over 100 million users earlier this year.

In this three-day workshop they received material about use application development with the latest features of Windows 8 is very interesting. Among other Metro Apps, Live Tile, Charm Bar, Store Windows, and others.

"These features are enough to help developers to produce applications that are more lively and interactive," said Silas Sebastian Sihotang, Engagement Manager Navcore Nextology.

Windows 8
Windows 8

Participants not only taught the concepts and development techniques, but also build applications on top of Windows 8 individually or in groups.

Silas said, every participant has prepared an application of ideas to be developed in training. This application is expected to have relatively ready to be tested. So, this could open opportunities for improvement to suit the market standard. He believes this conference will have great impact to the ecosystem of software development in Indonesia.

"Especially in Indonesia, many web developers that are reliable," he said.
While Ridi Ferdiana, academic field of information technology from the University of Gajah Mada, said Microsoft's approach with Windows Store for Windows 8 applications to market opportunities for developers Indonesia penetrate global markets.

"Especially if you just penetrate the domestic market," he said.
These opportunities are supported by Windows 8, which not only runs on Personal Computer, but also on the tablet based on Intel and ARM processors, and even game consoles (X-Box). These conditions increase the market that can be achieved by the developer Indonesia.

"In addition to job opportunities, respect for intellectual property rights can be better controlled," he said.
Developer Conference 2012: Windows 8 Hackathon was attended by 1,000 developers from academia, practitioners of IT start-ups, freelancers, students, and software developers to explore the techniques of application development on a new platform in Windows 8.


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