Application Firefox Beta for Android

firefox beta for android
firefox beta for android

Beta version of Firefox beta has been available for Android devices. Firefox Beta for Android is supported by various Android operating system, from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, until the earlier version of Android Froyo.

This browser applications feature a new look that comes with a user interface for Android. In addition, the Firefox beta for Android also improve its performance, and provide better support for Flash and third-party plugins.

Mozilla said the launch beta version of Firefox is to improve the quality before sliding to Android devices through the help of users. "We need your help to refine the beta version and can launch a new Firefox to Android. Please download the Beta version of our website and if you have a bug report problem." Thus was quoted from It Pro Portal.

Mozilla claims to have to fix some problems on the new version of application Firefox Beta for Android. Problems that are fixed include: session tab and reload the page accidentally change zoom.

Mozilla announced through the blog, the latest version of Firefox Beta for Android devices has been pinned sync features such as Firefox, add-ons and tabbed browsing. Firefox launched a beta version for Android will provide a new interface experience with the "Awesome Screen". Not only that, support for Adobe Flash to make loading pages faster.


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