Cheap short messaging service to reduce unwanted SMS

cheap SMS
cheap SMS

Hi friends... Do you get annoyed flooded with short messaging service (SMS) offering loans without collateral? SMS cost-based interconnection scheme early next month is expected to reduce unwanted SMS (spam). short messaging service is shown to have a lot of waste harmful to society.

Head of Public Relations and Information Center Ministry of Communications and Information Gatot S Dewa Broto said the SMS spam will not automatically disappear.
"We never say will be lost. But, at least to suppress SMS spam," said Billy, as quoted from

According to Billy, people will think twice in sending SMS broadcast, including free SMS promos. "Maybe there is still incoming SMS spam, but they must be prepared to risk the imposition of tariffs that exist," he said.

Cheap SMS
Billy also said that despite the cost-based scheme, but instead tend to be cheaper SMS rates. He added that the actual rate SMS is expensive. Most of the people sometimes do not realize that the lower prices and sometimes free is given it applies to certain terms and conditions.

In addition, operators will not be convinced Billy raise SMS rates, given the current competition is getting tight. They certainly think twice when it will raise SMS rates.
"If you raise rates, this is an unpopular policy, this is sensitive," he said.

Although there is some noise from the telecommunication operator which is not yet fully support the new scheme of cheap SMS interconnection, Billy simply says that the service culture that still wait and see rule. Once the rules have been defined, the telecommunication operator will follow what the provisions of these regulations.


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