Dragon Drive Message application similar Siri for cars

Dragon Drive Message
Dragon Drive Message

Effects of the Siri made by Apple pulsed in technology worldwide. One developer of voice recognition technology, Nuance has launched application a similar Siri, Dragon Drive Message designed for cars.

As quoted from T3, Nuance's own previously designed the Dragon Dictation voice recognition applications. Now they have launched a similar application called Dragon Drive Message designed for cars.

This new platform allows the driver to keep driving while listening to a text message, electronic mail and responded only with the use of sound. The technology is likely to start up the car this summer.

This service will be issued in the form of licensing Nuance. However, they are not mentioned in the automobile industry partners who will implement this technology.

Similar to Siri, users can also use it as a source of information. Users can ask questions about the direction of the Dragon Drive Message, controls the entertainment system in the car and do a search on the site.

Although it is paired with Siri application made ​​by Apple, but Nuance's own judge Dragon Drive Message as KITT (a talking car) from the movie Knight Rider. "We've made ​​Kitt in many ways. There Siri similar effects are present in all product categories," said Mike Thompson of Nuance.


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