Future TV with transparent screen

future TV
future TV

Do you ever wondered what form would such a TV in the future? One of them might be a TV with a transparent screen that seemed to disappear when turned off.

After read information from Dailymail, the technology to create a future TV with transparent screen is already there, although it can be said is still raw. The technology is called Transparent Organic Light Emiting Diode (TOLED).

More recently, a TV made ​​by Loewe tries to adopt the latest technology. Loewe TV transparent design was prepared by Michael Friebe.

"As the first of its kind, Loewe Invisio introducing technical innovations by combining conventional LCD screen technology with the latest TOLED," said Friebe.

"This allows the creation of moving pictures that are not solid and transparent, with rich color and contrast from dark black to pure white," he added.

Loewe himself has made several previous innovations. In 1998, the company had introduced Internet TV, even before there was iTunes or YouTube. TV is referred to as the Loewe Xelos @media.


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