Google distributing Android Jelly Bean

Android Jelly Bean
Android Jelly Bean

Google reportedly plans to make five phone manufacturers could taste first Android Jelly Bean. Through this plan, Google will no longer focus on the rows of the Nexus.

As information from TechRadar, the existence of these new plans revealed by the Wall Street Journal. Jelly Bean by distributing early, there will be some devices that come with Nexus.

Currently, there is only one vendor who created the Nexus series devices with the latest version of Android. In the meantime, the last vendor the opportunity is Samsung.

This change in strategy is said to give a major influence on Android. Especially when compared to current methods of inhibiting the release of Android update.

Google search engine company also plans to sell the cell appears directly, rather than have to rely on the operator. This means that Google will bring a handheld device is unlocked and without a SIM card in some regions such as Europe and United States.


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