How it works Black Box Plane

black box plane
black box plane

How it works Black Box in plane. His name is a black box, but do not imagine that a black box as the name suggests. The color is actually bright, orange. When the plane crash, black boxes became the most wanted thing to find out the cause of woe.

Similarly, when the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft fateful end. Search for black box was a priority in addition to the evacuation of victims.

The investigation will lead to the data recorded on the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), known as designation of this black box. This box contains a conversation in the cockpit voice data.

How it works Black Box in plane?

Magnetic tape
According to the document L-3 Communications, as the developer of the Wright Brothers first airplane also pioneered the use of the device to record the rotation of the propeller.

World War II expanded the use of flight recorders. Since then, the black box recording media have been developed to record more information about the aircraft.

black box
black box

Although many of the black boxes in use today use a  magnetic tape, the tool first launched around the 1960s. The airline switched to solid memory board in the 1990s.

Type of magnetic tape cassette recorder works like a popular tool used. Mylar tape rolled electromagnetic head and was left with data on the tape.

Now the manufacturer no longer makes the black box with a magnetic tape recorder. The plane has been transformed into drive technology (solid-state).

Solid-State Drive
According to a spokesman for the black box manufacturer Honeywell, Ron Crotty, zadat drive recorder technology (solid-state) is more reliable than its predecessor, the magnetic tape. Solid state memory chips so no moving parts that must be like a round tape. With no moving parts, maintenance is easier. Damaged during the accident risk was decreased.

Data from the CVR and FDR are stored on the memory board on the inside of the collision-resistant memory unit (CSMU). CSMU a cylindrical compartment on the recorder. Memory boards about 4.45 cm in diameter and 2.54 cm high.

This memory board has a storage capacity of digital data that can accommodate audio data during the 2 hours CVR and 25 hours for flights to FDR.

Aircraft equipped with sensors that collect data. This sensor detects the acceleration, velocity in the air, altitude, outside temperature, cabin temperature and its pressure, engine performance, and more.

With a magnetic tape recorder can keep track of 100 parameters, while solid-state recorders can track more than 700 on larger aircraft.

All data collected by the sensors is sent to the aircraft flight data acquisition unit (FDAU) in front of the plane.

These devices are often found in electronic devices under the cockpit. FDAU a middle manager for the entire process of data recording. This unit carries information from the sensors and sends it to the black box.

The second black box supported one of two power plants that draw power from the engines. One generator has a 28 volt DC power source. One more 115 volt and 400 Hz AC power.

According to the Technical Director for the company's flight recorders L-3 Communications, Frank Dolan as quoted from, standard equipment that the aircraft power supply.

Disaster Resistant
In various plane crashes, the only one who can survive only collision-resistant memory unit (CSMU) from the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorders. Usually, the rest of the chassis and component parts of the recorder was destroyed.

CSMU is a large cylinder that was soldered to the recording of data. The device is designed extreme heat resistance, lacing, and pressure up to the ton.

Using three layers of material, CSMU in a black box to protect the solid-state memory to store the board pile of digital information. Here are some of the barriers that protect the flight of valuable information:

Wrap aluminum: there is a layer of aluminum around the stack of memory cards.

High temperature insulation: dry silica material has a 2.54 cm thick. This material is able to protect from high temperatures. This is what makes the memory boards are safe to fire after the incident.

Stainless steel shell: This material contains a high temperature resistant stainless steel layer 0.64 cm thick. Titanium can also be used for a black box clothes iron protective device.

According to L3 Communications, a black box technology will be increased. Development which has been reported to be able to record video activity in the plane.


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