Huawei reject practice dumping in Europe

Huawei technologies

This time, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. denied having taken advantage of government subsidies in China. Refutation of this technology equipment manufacturers following a report that said the EU planned to conduct an investigation to Huawei into allegations practice of dumping.

As quoted from The Financial Times, officials of the European Union and an unidentified executive said the commission has been gathering evidence in cases involving Huawei and ZTE Corp.

"Huawei has not received communication from the European Commission about the investigation, but we are aware of media reports about this," said the Huawei.

"We reject the claims made in media Huawei dumping practice and has benefited from the subsidies are illegal. Where based second reason is that the European Commission will conduct an investigation."

China is the country's second largest trading partner of the EU partner after the United States. Blue represents the continent of China's largest trading partner, with trade value reached 500 billion euros (USD397 billion) this year.

Huawei employs more than 7 thousand employees and has indirectly created more than six thousand job opportunities in Europe, he said. In 2011, he bought the products and services in Europe with a value of more than $ 3,6 billion.


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