Lenovo desktop All-in-One IdeaCentre A720 price

Lenovo IdeaCentre A720
IdeaCentre A720

Lenovo introduced the newest desktop All-in-One, the IdeaCentre A720. Lenovo desktop All-in-One is a 27-inch desktop thinnest in the world.

Manufacturers of desktop All-in-One from Taiwan is expressed, IdeaCentre A720 has a perfect blend of performance and design.

"The IdeaCentre A720 is the perfect combination of performance and design," said Julius Tjihin, Lenovo Regional Business Manager Consumer on session "First Look".

Comes with 27 inch Full HD screen, the desktop all-in-one IdeaCentre A720 Intel Core processors supported the third generation. Before it was launched in Indonesia, Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 has been successfully awarded the Best Desktop Award from PCWorld at CES 2012.

One of the uniqueness of desktop All-in-One is the screen that can be bent to 90 degrees. "This IdeaCentre A720 can be bent -5 to 90 degrees," said Julius.

Touch screen desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium is powered Lenovo Enhanced Experience, which can make the time to boot up faster. Lenovo Enhanced Experience, says Julius, is a form of cooperation between Lenovo and Microsoft to speed up the boot time.

Carrying the thickness of 2.45 cm, IdeaCentre A720 also has a Blu-ray disc slot-in, HDMI-in and out and integrated with TV tuner.

In addition, the Lenovo desktop All-in-One IdeaCentre A720 also has a thin wireless keyboard, priced with a price range of $ 2000.


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