LG Eclypse 4G LTE a latest LG smartphone?

LG Eclypse 4G LTE
LG Eclypse 4G LTE

Recently circulated leaked the existence of LG smartphone are equipped with 2GB RAM memory. The phone has a code LS970 and expected to make landfall in the smartphone market with name LG Eclypse 4G LTE.

After read from Softpedia, the BriefMobile site managed to uncover some of the LG smartphone specification. Apparently, the smart phone equipped with a Qualcomm APQ8064 processor which run at speeds of 1.5 GHz.

Snapdragon processor is a four-brained S4 and use the Krait design. There was also accompanied by Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Adreno 320.

LG smartphone
LG smartphone

Other rumored specifications is the use of 4.7-inch TFT LCD screen that displays images with a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels. Then also available internal storage space of 16GB and battery 2100mAh area.

On the back, the latest LG smartphones are equipped with powerful 13-megapixel camera, with the possibility of support for recording high-definition video (HD). This specification was added 1.3 megapixel camera perched on the front.

Leaks on the smart phone is also indicated support for the LTE network. However, until now there has been no official confirmation from LG regarding the launch time of LG Eclypse 4G LTE.


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