LG launch internet TV platform based Google

internet TV
internet TV

LG Electronics Inc. one of the largest television manufacturer in the world, reportedly has plans to launch internet TV platform based Google in the United States. The launch of Google TV which is planned to be launched May 21 is referred to as the U.S. targeting the emerging market for Internet TV.

As quoted from Reuters page, this step is referred to as LG and Google's aggressive defense in facing Apple. Apple is rumored to have been ready to launch Apple TV early next year.

"Google TV Production will begin from May 17 from our factory in Mexico and the USA. Customers can buy our products from May 21," said Ro Seogho, Executive Vice President at LG TV business.

Google TV will allow users to access all Google services, such as search engines Google and YouTube from their TV screens.

LG does not mention the targeted shipment figures or details about the price and size of the TV. But sales in the U.S. will be the evaluation of materials for the development of internet TV sales in Europe and Asia.

Based on data from the research institute IHS iSuppli, the global internet TV market will grow by 60 percent this year. In a matter of numbers, this is equivalent to 95 million units. Compare this with the TV market in general is expected to grow only 2 percent.

Google TV
Google TV

Google has launched internet TV in 2010, but somewhat failed. But the second version of Google's Internet TV is expected to follow the success of Android.

Google itself still has ambitions in the TV market. Google kept this ambition that intend to develop online advertising business, given the TV screen is still the primary choice for advertisers. In addition, the TV screen on the internet would be to optimize the use of video sharing site YouTube.

While LG took Google to rival Samsung, which has its own internet TV platform. LG also plans to adjust the 60 percent of its internet TV platform installed netcast, which is also owned by LG.

The LG TV division profit margin increased to the current 4 percent in the first quarter. This is thanks to the successful sale of high-end models, such as 3D TV and internet based. This figure is somewhat remarkable, given that TV manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, and Sharp combined losses of up to U.S. $ 21 billion in the first quarter.

LG then doubled in the 3D TV market share to 15.3 percent in the fourth quarter last year. This is thanks to sales of 3D glasses are cheaper and without the battery.

So, if you want have Google TV, wait the official LG launch internet TV platform based Google this.


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