Malicious programs for Android from Rusia

malicious programs or malware
malicious programs

Malicious programs to the surrounding Google's Android operating system now can be said in its infancy. Generally, these programs are designed to obtain the money belongs to Android users.

As quoted from TechWorld, malicious programs for the Android mostly from Russia and China. Security firm Sophos and Symantec recently released the findings of the latest Android malware that is written in Russian.

Although the use of bad language on the malware program will limit the reach of the victim, they use tactics that apply universally. Cyber ​​criminals who exploit it successfully tracked Sophos fake antivirus scanner, Symantec revealed while tracking the results of the use of deceptive web pages that offer popular games fake.

Sophos said cyber criminals as an entrepreneurial start-up founders. They began to grow from Russia, but has far greater ambitions.

"I think we can not say it as a test area. It feels like a local business is likely to have ambitions to grow as a multinational," says Senior Technology Consultant at Sophos, Graham Cluley.

Fraud (scam) in the virtual world that tracked Sophos this week found a link to a fake antivirus software in Twitter. Sophos dig deeper and find that the domain ". Ru". The domain is pointing to the internet protocol address which is hosting in Ukraine.

While the Symantec invention includes the latest version of Android. Opfake malware that has been long sought. The latest version of this malicious program disguised as a popular game that featured in the fake site.


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