Samsung Galaxy S III has two colors

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S III

Not long again Galaxy S 3 is launch time, information about the Samsung Galaxy S III is also increasingly add a sense of curiosity. Now, according to information leaked Samsung's latest smartphone has two colors, white and blue.

Are you buff blue or white? if it's true colors, it could be good news. Because the information leaked from Carphone Warehose ordering system mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy S III is available in two color choices.

As quoted from Pocket-lint, although an image that contains the information was leaked, but not yet certain. to date, no confirmation of any of the management of Samsung.

Interestingly, as expressed by GSM Arena, similar to the color selection of earlier news. Note Galaxy at AT & T are wrapped with a Carbon Ceramic Blue and White.

Moreover, in related news also mentioned that China sites find a screen protector for Galaxy S III. If a suitable screen protector, then the Galaxy S III is predicted to be packed with 4.8-inch screen sizes.

Rumors about the form and supporting a series of Galaxy S III was often popping up. So to be sure as to what form the smartphone, we have to wait for Samsung's event will be held in London on May 3 local time carried out.


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