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Mac OS X
Mac OS X

Security system Apple-based could be a concern at the weekend. As a result of one of the genius programmer who set aside the debug sign in the version of the latest operating system Mac OS X. Update is making the device susceptible to hacking.

If users apply the update 10.7.3 Mac OS X Lion, the process continues on the entire system debug log file that contains the login password. And for users who have logged in since the update, the password is stored in text form will make them potentially easy to hack in the future. Thus as quoted from TechEye News.

This causes problems for users who are using FileVault encryption on their Mac before Lion. Updates to the OS X Lion, but keep the folder are encrypted using a legacy version of FileVault.

This flaw was discovered by security expert David Emery where he posted his findings to the Cryptome mailing list. Apple does not care to correct the problem in the next update and it seems to be applying traditional methods to deal with security issues. Meanwhile, it encourages botnet fanboys cried out that they are more secure than Windows users.

Emery said that the problem worse. The log can readable by boot machine with firewire disk mode. Then read it by opening the drive as a new boot or disk. With new-with-LION partition recovery partition, using the shell superuser access to mount the main partition and file system read it.
This means that anyone can get into an encrypted partition on the Mac OS X machine even without having a login password.


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