Smartphone users want better camera features

smartphone camera
smartphone camera

HTC believes if every smartphone users tend to want a better camera features. According to them, a better camera that should satisfy several criteria.

"In every survey that asked whether the desired features of smartphones, answers about the features better cameras come in many different countries. What features of this camera is better?," Said Head of Product Marketing Samudro Seto HTC Indonesia, as quoted from okezone.

"First is the phone camera quality. Not just megapixel camera, but there is an image sensor to the processor's own smartphone which influence each other," he added.

Furthermore Samudro added, the second thing to consider is speed. The point is the consideration that people usually use smartphone camera to the important moments which are not planned. Moments quickly and never return. "Fast camera is needed in order not to lose this moment," he added.

HTC smartphone
HTC smartphone

In addition, smartphone users are also important to assess the video feature. According to him, this feature is always used in every country and has value as important as the still image (the camera).

"Of the three of them that we started. HTC then make devices that can provide the best camera experience," he said explaining the reason HTC chose to sponsor a camera phone.

Although three of the above is subject to almost the smartphone user experience with the camera, there are still things that need to be deeper. "To be the best camera, there are three areas that must be explored," he explained.

The first thing disclosed is a master of light. That is, the camera in smartphone should be used in a variety of mood lighting. Whether it's low light, no light and when light is bright. "The quality of light we should be able to grasp," said Samudro.

In addition smartphones features, there is a point high speed shooting speed camera capturing the image. For example, when doing continuous shooting can continuously shoot up to 99 times with a gap of just 0.2 seconds per image.

Finally, he is the user experience when using the smartphone camera to record video. "This is a new area that will be our focus," said Samudro about it.


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