Social networking Lady Gaga will Launch

Lady Gaga social networking
Lady Gaga social networking

Several months ago a social networking Lady Gaga, "Little Monsters" managed to steal the attention. This time, the mobile version of social networking is scheduled to be launched.

Last February, Lady Gaga reinforce the steps in the online world by launching a beta version of social networking. The site is supported by startup Backplane, based in Palo Alto California, allowing fans to interact with Lady Gaga's Eccentric singer directly.

As quoted from The Next Web, according to one Backplane designers, it is in the process of making the application social networking "Little Monsters". Even the CEO Backplane Matt Michelsen said, was about "Little Monsters" will be able to access it with the iPhone.

So not only can interact with each other, the social networking "Little Monsters" will make Lady Gaga fans feel special.

The presence of celebrities in social media has become its own attraction for the fans. For example, when celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Lady Gaga joined Twitter, it became a major turning point for a product. Once they join, a new emerging user base "flood" the microblogging service.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga a strong presence in social media, is also rated as one of support for Backplane to help build a large user base. Lady Gaga does have a strong influence in the online world, proved her account on social networking Twitter currently has more than 24 million followers.


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