U.S. mobile data traffic will overload in 2014

mobile data traffic
mobile data traffic

Recently, a meeting of the American talk about the threat of data overload and network crisis that threatens the spectrum. In an event organized The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) in New Orleans, experts said of mobile data traffic will exceed capacity in 2014.

The internet service providers to explain, the cause of the overload of fruit customer habits in the use of technology. Earlier this year, Siri-digital-assistant featured in Apple's new iPhone and it is viewed as the culprit.

On the Verizon network, mobile data traffic doubled every year. This situation has occurred over the last five years. Verizon is an internet service provider in the United States. Not only that, his main rival, AT & T, also facing the same situation.

Mobile users have been "addicted" to video streaming, download and upload the data. This situation coupled with the limited availability of wireless spectrum so that operators put in a difficult position in communication technology.

U.S. internet service providers warn, if they do not gain access to additional wireless spectrum, mobile data traffic will exceed capacity by 2014.
To prevent this from happening, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission must find a way to free the 500Mhz spectrum in addition to ten years.


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