AMD and chip manufacturers to face Intel

AMD chip manufacturer

AMD, ARM, and some other chip manufacturers announced the establishment of alliance are ready to face Intel. The Alliance is a non-profit consortium that aims to establish a new computing standard.

As quoted from TechEye, the alliance called Heterogenous System Architecture (HSA) Foundation. The alliance was announced at AMD Fusion Developer Summit and founding members include Imagination Technologies, MediaTek, and Texas Instruments.

According to Digitimes, they will promote open standards-based approach in a heterogeneous computing (various) and broadly support the existing ecosystem. It is said to be easier for developers to develop applications that are optimal for today's processors.

Through standardization of heterogeneous programming model, developers can more easily and cost-effective to develop a new software. Heterogenous System Architecture Foundation will help welcome the arrival of the next era of innovation, ranging from presenting a new experience for the user to increase the cloud-based data management.

As a consortium, Heterogenous System Architecture Foundation is open to all professionals in the computing industry is interested in encouraging the emergence of new computing era. Its members provide development solutions that are good for heterogeneous computing.


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