Chrome browser make MacBook Air kernel panic

MacBook Air
MacBook Air
Google Chrome browser to admit they made ​​by making some Apple users have to reboot his laptop MacBook Air. The reason, Chrome application makes MacBook Air kernel panic and destroy the whole system.

As quoted from TechRadar, the giant internet company admitted that Chrome is a source of crashes. But they said main source is driver in Apple's MacBook Air.

"We have identified a leak in browser Chrome graphics associated with the plugin on Mac OS X. It is currently being carried out further measures to find and fix the root of the leak," Google said in a statement.

"The source of leakage that causes kernel panic on Mac hardware containing an Intel HD 4000 graphics processor. Due to the kernel panic, Apple has been advised of the radar bug number 11,762,608. Because an application may not trigger something like this," he added.

Google has released a patch for Chrome a few days ago. This patch disables some features GPU acceleration that causes kernel panic on MacBook Air.


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