Foursquare update for BlackBerry

Foursquare update
Foursquare update

BlackBerry users will have a more exciting experience with the latest updates from Foursquare. Location-based services has announced the latest update application via posting yesterday's blog.

Before BlackBerry, Foursquare has launched the first update for iPhone and Android users. With this update, BlackBerry users will see Foursquare who claimed to be more efficiently used.

As quoted from Mashable, Facebook says this latest update to be more efficient to facilitate access to different features, such as check in user activity.

Same as an update for the iPhone and Android, Foursquare in BlackBerry gave an update on the separation of friends, places to explore and profile into three parts.

"Now, the profile tab you have the new biography (which can be edited in the settings), plus statistics, photos, and more. In addition, BlackBerry users can also browse through all the activities that have been done," wrote Foursquare in their blog.


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