iPhone 5 using 1 GB RAM and iOS 6 ?

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The endless rumors about the latest iPhone product as known iPhone 5, recently through an unknown source, the iPhone 5 is rumored to be using 1 GB of RAM and iOS 6.

The use of IOS 6 is a great gift and Apple "do more development to iOS", and some suspect the California-based company will not have difficulties when launching the iPhone 5 in October 2012, as quoted from Softpedia.

Of a prototype next-generation iPhone, a smartphone is using a variant of the A5-*** CPU Qualcomm baseband as well as the type found in the rumored iPad 3 can support the LTE network.

Previously, there were outstanding photo from Fuse. Where the source is to explain some wild and crazy concepts believed to be the most conceptual phone design. The source claims the iPhone is going to slide in early summer.

This latest iPhone is estimated to be similar to the concept with 4-inch super bright screen and high definition. Not only that, Apple's smartphone will use 10 megapixel camera on the back and the 5 megapixel camera on the front.

iPhone 4s
iPhone 5

Using 4.14x2.25 inch chassis makes this next-generation iPhone will have a 7 millimeters thinner than previous generations.

On the other hand, some time ago said bloggers, tech writers and fans expect Apple called iPhone 4S as iPhone 5, since the smartphone is the fifth generation of the Apple handset. It became believe Apple will not give the name of the product for the next generation iPhone 5.

More recently, Apple has guaranteed to have a relevant domain name for the next generation iPhone. The latest report said the California-based company has filed a claim at the World Intellectual Property Organization to control iPhone5.com domain.

At present, a container iPhone5.com small forum for fans of Apple. Through the forum, they can find the latest rumor for the latest iPhone. This site has been published into the footnotes disclaimer, with the status of this forum and not affiliated with or sponsored by Apple.


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