Nexus 7 tablet connected with Google Play

Nexus 7 tablet
Nexus 7 tablet

Google has introduced the Nexus 7 tablets, which are produced together with the ASUS. With a price tag of U.S. $ 199, Nexus 7 is predicted to be a tough competitor for market power tablet, the Apple iPad.

ASUS Digital Marketing Manager, Tim Smalley, said that despite jointly produced by ASUS and Google, but Google seems so pay attention to the design of this tablet. "Google wants this tablet feels like when you hold the book," said Tim Smalley, as quoted from page TechRadar.

"Because it was almost the same weight, as well as balance and perfecting the back. It is designed with the belief that this device was the same when you're holding the book, it will not slip," said Smalley.

Smalley also explains why the Nexus 7 has no external storage, and only has 8 GB of internal storage and 16 GB. Although the Nexus 7 tablet offers entertainment systems with HD resolution films that have weight capacity, Google believes that not all movies will be downloaded simultaneously.

Google tablet
Google tablet

"The new version of the Play Store is not the content will always be stored in the device. You can buy five movies from Google's Play, but will not watch it all at once. However, if you want to use it, you stay connected (to Google Play) to look at it," said Smalley.

These Google tablets, according to Smalley, come designed with a number of improvements that will be in Google Play. "Google is striving to present content, and they believe have a good supply. So they keep pushing the idea that you do not need to save content on the device," he said.

In addition to improving the Google Play content system, the storage system through the cloud is also a consideration. However, Google tablet still does a number of improvements called for cloud storage system.

"The concept of multi-screen to access the content it provides unlimited storage. Idea is you just have to take the content you need, via Wi-Fi, LTE, or cable connection."


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