Opera 12 browser with new customization options

Opera 12
Opera 12

For those of you who like to browse the Internet via desktop, Opera 12 browser is now present a show with new customization options. New releases were developed by Opera Software that presents a new transformation browser applications required by users.

As quoted from Geekzone, free download software that comes with the theme, easy way to customize the look of the browser user. Company headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the presents to hundreds of themes available as well as additional new themes every day.

The latest version of Opera browser software that allows developers to create applications that use the webcam device's users. Applications such as Photo Booth, Polaroid, FaceKat trying to make it more enjoyable use of the browser as a platform for entertainment and games.

Opera browser
Opera browser

In addition, Opera 12 comes with new security badges that allows users regarding security and privacy of sites to be visited. Users can quickly see if the site uses the location information or want to enable the user's webcam.

The presence of Opera 12 does not only show interesting features, but also an increase in speed. The company said that users can surf in cyberspace with a fast loading pages, accelerate the start-up process and support for HTML5 than previous versions.

64-bit support on Windows and Mac operating systems, providing better performance on the machine. Popular browser software that also features hardware accelerated graphics was performed with 60 languages ​​and additional support for text read from right to left and five new languages ​​such as Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and Urdu.


James Brook said...

in browser war 2012 opera is still to not lose their users say by chrome dev team opera one of lading browser, their use can't to switch with other browser like IE9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and other

and opera mobile browser 2.0 with new updates it is more poplar in mobile phones then their desktop browser

i can't live without their speed dial feature in my mobile and desktop.

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