Samsung Notebook Series 9 features

Samsung Notebook Series 9
Notebook Series 9

Samsung Notebook Series 9 features. Samsung recently announced officially the new thinnest notebook products, second-generation Notebook Series 9 with a thickness of 12.9 millimeters. This Samsung Notebook is not only claimed to have a unique and elegant design, but also designed with excellent features.

The superior notebook features include Samsung Fast Solutions, making the device capable of booting process takes just 9.8 seconds. Fast Start to ensure that new notebook can burn takes 1.4 seconds from Sleep position.

In addition, there is also Fast Browsing web search service that provides two times faster. Then, the Samsung Notebook Series 9 with the latest 13-inch screen features an anti-aging technology (the longer battery life) and a battery life of up to 7.3 hours.

Advanced notebooks will start circulating June 22, 2012 adopted a third-generation processors, Intel Core i5. 4GB of embedded memory and 128GB SSD.

Samsung's latest notebook technology brings slim bezel makes the screen more sleek than its competitors.

Samsung Notebook Series
Samsung Notebook

Carrying the HD + display (16 million colors) SuperBright Plus is claimed to provide 180 percent brighter screen as well as anti-reflective coating to optimize the use of the outdoors.

There are auto-sensing and auto backlit keyboard, so that the portable computer device can adjust the lighting conditions in the vicinity. Providing optimal brightness, even in a dark room and light.

"Samsung Notebook Series 9 has been designed to display the aerodynamic design and sleek components are made specifically with the design of aluminum is given a shiny finish with no impression," said Yoo Young Kim, Managing Director of Samsung Electronics.

Samsung is targeting the new output device with a tag of USD 1500 in professional circles. This notebook is perfect for those who are mobile.

Not only the portability of the underdog, but the maximum device performance and equipped with excellent notebook features.

"With the thinnest design and performance improvement, I believe that The New Samsung Notebook Series 9, will strengthen the notebook business," he concluded.


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