DNSChanger malware make doomsday internet

DNSChanger malware

Rumors of the "doomsday internet" on July 9, because of malware called DNSChanger, more widely heard. Then if your computer is infected with DNSChanger malware?

As quoted from PCMag, according to the posting of the F-Secure blog on Thursday, a statistics released last month suspected of more than 300 thousand IP addresses (Internet Protocol) address is still influenced by DNSChanger. Most or nearly 70 thousand between the IP address is located in the United States (U.S.)

But because there are 300 thousand computers that are at risk of losing access to the internet, then the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to shut down internet access this month.

"Of course, decide DNS server will cause some loss, but it is the fastest way to cure the infection remains to this day. Honestly, if it's faster is better, because the computer is vulnerable to other infections," said F-Secure.

DNS setting
DNS setting

Starting in November 2011, when the FBI seized and shut down approximately 100 servers that infect millions of computers with DNSChanger. Infected machine is setting its DNS (Domain Name System) has been amended so that the website can lead to a server controlled by criminals. Reportedly, the trickster-induced virtual world, they managed to get the benefit of millions of dollars.

Therefore, the FBI wanted to kill a rogue server, but if they do, the computer is infected will lose access to the internet. The FBI was eventually ordered by the court to maintain these servers and users are given the time to fix her computer.

Initially the court order was only scheduled until March 8, but later extended to July 9. Thus, if until July 9 there is still a machine infected computer, their Internet connection will be disconnected due to the closure of the server.

Examine ways DNSChanger Malware Infected Computer
In an effort to warn users about DNSChanger, Google and Facebook also announced plans to display a warning to the user who allegedly have been infected.

There are several ways to check if the computer is infected with DNSChanger, although the DNS Changer Working Group has a quick way to check via dns-ok.us. If the computer is not infected, then the user will see a green screen, but if otherwise then they will see the red.
Alternatively, if users know its DNS settings, they can check it out on the FBI website.


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