HTC revtex to competitor Galaxy Nexus 7?

HTC revtex
HTC revtex

HTC reportedly is produce tablet named vertex. This intelligent device is expected to be a competitor to Google's Galaxy Nexus 7.

As quoted from TechRadar, estimates the emergence of these are triggered leaked benchmark results. The results of the leak NenaMark2 reveals a device that uses the Nvidia Tegra processor 3 and display with a resolution of 1280x752. CPU in it running at 1.3 GHz speed and adopt Android 4.0.3. This indicates the device is still in early prototype stage.

There are currently no confirmation on the tablet, especially since there are many smartphones on the market that could have a resolution and processors. However, according to TechRadar, it is possible that this product is made ​​by HTC, especially when considering they have confirmed plans in the UK issued a new tablet.


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