iPad Mini slid in October?

iPad Mini
iPad Mini

Apple Mini Tablet "iPad Mini" is rumored to be slid in October 2012. According to analysts, this device will carry a 7.85-inch screen and the tablet will become economical.

Currently, Apple is still dominating the tablet market, although iPad it will face competition with tablet that uses Widows 8.

In addition, Apple tablet also will face competition from the same segment, as economical product that carries a 7. Amazon released 85-inch and various other manufacturers.

Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves was speculation about the Apple iPad Mini needs to be clarified. iPad Mini Previously, Apple mini-tablet rumored to be slid in the third quarter or September 2012, but he said that the iPad Mini will slide in October 2012.

Information from TabTimes, Hargreaves said that the iPad mini tablet will be priced at approximately USD299 by using 8GB of memory. "We anticipate the entry-level iPad products with 7.85-inch screen with 8GB of NAND memory. The tablet will be priced at USD299 with prime gross margin of 31 percent. "


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