Microsoft not produce Smartphone


Microsoft certainly will not produce a smartphone. Because the giant software maker has made ​​a deal with Nokia as a partner, to produce a smartphone.

"Microsoft has made a clear decision by Nokia, where he chose us as a partner to manufacture the smartphone," said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. Similarly, as quoted from IBTimes.

Meanwhile, the marketing manager of Microsoft Windows Phone Greeg Sullivan said, "We have a strong ecosystem with our partners, and we are satisfied with it."

Previously, speculation emerged from a financial analyst, Rick Sherlund. In his report, he claimed Microsoft is planning to produce smartphone Windows 8 out of its cooperation with Nokia. Sherlund also inform Nokia investors through letters, Microsoft may be cooperating with manufacturers to produce devices.

In an interview, adding Elop, Microsoft has made a strategy by Nokia. The two companies are collaborating through technology and software, including operating system Windows Phone.


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