Nokia Asha Full Touch cheaper and battery efficient

Nokia Asha
Nokia Asha

Nokia presents a solution by launching a new line of Nokia Asha Full Touch, the Nokia Asha 306, Nokia Asha 311, and Nokia Asha 305. The phone battery is claimed to have a more efficient consumption data and cheaper.

The use of data services that are high on the smart phone has the potential to drain the battery on the device. In addition to saving the battery, mobile phone users also crave the effective use of Internet data.

"Points of Nokia Asha is the very low battery consumption with internet access which is three times faster," says Martin Chirotarrab, President of Nokia Indonesia, as quoted from vivanews.

According to Martin, Nokia to consider the needs of the customer data Nokia Asha.
"Our research shows Nokia Asha customers need 40 Mb per month," he said.

Nokia Asha 305
Nokia Asha 305

To help conserve, Nokia Browser 2.0 is supported proxy technology and cloud. This allows faster Internet access. In fact, the browser is able to reduce data consumption reaches 85 percent.

"This is because the data is compressed on the device. Data 1 Mb to be 150 Kb, no important data is eliminated," said Irwan Hermawan as Product Manager Nokia Indonesia.

Data compression makes faster data access. This technology also applies to social networking applications and services reached 70 percent of Nokia maps. Irwan said with this innovation, customers consume only 86 Mb of data per month.

Nokia Asha new series also offers an interface that have notification shortcut at the top of the screen. This interface allows users to manage WiFi, SIM cards, up to service entertainment.

Nokia Asha 311
Nokia Asha 311

The added value of this latest Nokia Asha Full Touch presented to provide a free full version games for Electronic Arts. You can download it for 60 days. Download free legal music for 6 months is also given.

Each Nokia Asha has the advantages of each. Nokia Asha 305 comes with dual SIM and easy swap. Asha 306 with a driver's license with WiFi capability, 3-inch screen, 2 MP camera and 2GB of storage. Asha Nokia 311 comes with a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, 3 inches, and 1GHz processor.

Nokia Asha 305 cost $90. Nokia Asha 306 and 311 will be available soon on the market this month, very cheaper for Nokia smartphone.
The third type is categorized as a cell phone Smartphone Lite or SmartLite. As a feature phone, the Nokia Asha able to bring the smartphone experience.


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