Olympus Meg4.0 similar Google glasses

Google glasses
Google glasses

Google glasses have been heralded as the future of cutting-edge glasses, although it has not been released. Now, Olympus is rumored to be issued a similar product earlier.

As quoted from Device Magazine, glasses made ​​by Olympus was named Meg4.0. This product is a pair of glasses worn similar to those commonly used in fiction films.

However, the Tokyo-based company has not revealed a release date or price tag of future glasses. Systems of glasses on the side of the device and connected to the tablet or mobile phone via Bluetooth.

A virtual screen-sharp 320 x 240 pixel floating above the wearer's eyes. Olympus Meg4.0 is designed for use throughout the day and be able to survive for eight hours.

Until later when Google started seriously in augmented reality with Project Glass this year. Olympus itself has not revealed details about the user interface on the handheld device.


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