Public telephone in New York city change to WiFi hotspot

WiFi hotspot
WiFi hotspot

Public telephone facilities that are outdated so as more people are switching to mobile phones. The government of New York City, update means that almost forgotten this with additional features WiFi.

As quoted from Mashable, Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications New York City introduced the idea on Wednesday. Anyone can access the WiFi smartphone, tablet or laptop at no cost.

They apply the general idea of ​​WiFi on the phone is through cooperation with local internet service providers, Van Wagner and Titan. So far, there have been 10 public telephones scattered WiFi in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn as a test run. Meanwhile, in total there are approximately 12360 public telephones that can be transformed into a WiFi hotspot.

The local government promised no personal information is taken and no ads embedded in the service. "As we begin to assess the future of public telephones in New York City, this pilot project will help us gauge the public's interest in the facilities offered by the latest generation devices," said Chief Information and Innovation Officer, Rahul N. Merchant.

The Mashable site is test says WiFi is probably normal speed, but not too bad for a public facility. WiFi has a download speed 1.02 Mbps and upload 0.6 Mbps.


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