Royal Mail introduced a new free service

Royal Mail
Royal Mail

UK Royal Mail introduced a new free service the journey to find items that we know. Through this service, customers can buy stamps online.

To pay for postage online, customers can use a credit card. Then mail or posted customer shipment in the mail to be recorded for a barcode. But unfortunately, for a special delivery and international customers must bring the goods item to the post office first.

Once recorded, and a barcode, Royal Mail and customers can track each item through the system to know the items movement.

"We have launched this service to respond to the demands of the public who wish to purchase and print their postage online directly to their envelope," said Royal Mail marketing director Alex Batchelor.

Through this new service, Royal Mail would like to reduce queues at post offices and home workers as well as petrified people who conduct transactions in buying and selling sites such as eBay.

Meanwhile, the Royal mail have lost its income this year, a week Royal Mail lost USD 3.8 million. With this new service the company hopes to return the total revenue lost.


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