SanDisk introduce newest product USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive
USB Flash Drive

SanDisk a flash memory storage solutions company, introduced its newest product range, the USB Flash Drive, memory card, and the Solid State Drive (SSD).

Do not want to look stiff products, SanDisk packaged with attractive appearance. Even Sandisk claims, the products appeal to users and supported by technology is presented.

"I think all products introduced will be popular for the consumer, such as in terms of lifestyle and enjoy the technology could also be offered to fulfill the needs," said Regional Director, north & South East Asia and ANZ SanDisk Peter Mah, in the event SanDisk introduces the newest product.

What's more, says Peter Mah, SanDisk saw its business experiencing good growth. "And we also want to do many things, and bring more storage solutions," he said.

USB Flash Drive
So optimistic about business growth, SanDisk also presents four new USB Flash Drive. Four product was SanDisk Extreme Flash Drive USB, Flash Drive Cruzer Glide USB, Flash Drive Cruzer Facet, and Flash Drive Crizer Pop USB.

SanDisk Extreme USB Flash Drive with USB 3.0 offers the ability to transfer, store, and share files with speed 190MB/s. Rewarded with a starting price range of $30 to $90, USB Flash Drive SanDisk Extreme available with 16 GB capacity options up to 64 GB.

While the USB Flash Drive Cruzer Glide offers 4GB of storage solution with capacities up to 128 GB. With a storage capacity offered, the product is priced tag $8 to $80.

For USB Flash Drive Cruzer Facet is a durable drive with a stainless-steel casing is wrapped with a wide selection of colors. This drive comes with 4GB capacity up to 32 GB and priced at $6 to $30.

Meanwhile, Pop Cruzer USB Flash Drive is available in capacities of 4GB up to 32GB at a price of $6 to $30. USB Flash Dribe fourth will be available in the third quarter of this year.
memory card
memory card

Memory Card
Memory card MicroSDHC SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-I can be used for mobile devices like smartphones. This memory card offers speeds up to 95 MB/sec, so that it can transfer files quickly.

In addition, this memory card allows users to run applications at the same time and download files quickly. Memory card to be launched in the third quarter of this comes with 8GB and 16GB capacity options at a price of $50 to $90.
SanDisk SSD
SanDisk SSD

SanDisk SSD
With the SanDisk Extreme SSD, PC may have a faster boot time, which is less than 16 seconds. These drives also consumes 30 percent less power than hard disk drives, and spend less heat and noise.

In addition, the SanDisk Extreme SSD is also fairly easy to install, by simply connecting it to the computer SATA port. The drive is available with a wide selection of capacities ranging from 120 GB to 480 GB.


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