Standard features for auth Florence mailboxes

Auth florence is the only company that provide the super quality for any kind of mailboxes, or even chimes which could help you to complete your needs when you think that you need mailbox whether for your apartment, commercial mailboxes, or even for your residential. Since it is the first and even the only company, you could get more choices to choose the right mailbox that you need. Well, this is the great time to have a good organizing all of your documents, and files into this mailbox. That is why, if you think that you need to save the space of any room, it will helpful for you as the storage.

Auth-florence for the most popular one is that 1500 horizontal with rear – load of mailbox that is works well and even designed to be used in the larger buildings such as apartment for multi – family, offices, and even dormitories. The most things that you should know about the product itself are that around October in 2006, the system of mailbox itself is in the new construction and some majority parts are being renovated. The standard feature that is existed in this type itself is that first the combination that grouped is 5, 6, and 7 for compartments high. Meanwhile for the compartments wide it is 3, 4, and 5 for Florence mailboxes.

Other features that is about the material that this mailbox created from finishing anodized aluminum that is completed with cylinder cam lock in 5 – pin and it is completed with two keys so that it is around 1,000 of key changes. For the number slots, it is from clear plastic and the rear cover could be lift – off around 1500 series. The compartments have the depth around 15 inches and it is only for recess – mounted for standard. However, it is not for outdoor usage that is why you need to protect it from any kind of weather for auth Florence mailboxes.


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